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A curated selection of pumps for moving anything from must to small amounts of wine. In the past we manufactured pumps in our metal shop, buts since 2012 we have been working directly with Enoitalia of Italy.  Together we have developed a selection of commercial rubber impeller pumps that work well with 208V power. While they also work with 220V power the challenge with some impeller pumps is getting the impeller to flip direction when they are designed for 220v but only receiving 208v.  Our Euro60, designed for the USA market, is unmatched for the price. This pump can be used to move must in most situations (unless not enough fluid in the must) while it can also be used to move wine from tank to tank, or tank to barrel, at very slow speeds.  Our Euro 20 110v represent a multi-year collaboration to develop a wine impeller pump that will flip direction with 110v power. This is only pump we know of that is 110v and will flip a rubber impeller.  

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