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ForgeFit® Tubing Sets with Continental Vintner™ Reserve Beverage Hose 1.5 in. - Custom Length 1-25 ft.
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ForgeFit® Tubing Sets with Continental Vintner™ Reserve Beverage Hose 1.5 in. - Custom Length 1-25 ft.

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For custom hose lengths with fittings installed, the lead time is approximately 2 weeks. For custom lengths longer than 25 ft., click here. If you do not need a custom length, pre-cut lengths with fittings installed are in stock and ready to ship.

Now selling tubing sets made from ForgeFit fittings and Continental Vintners Reserve beverage tubing that is assembled in the MoreBeer! Pro metal shop in Pittsburg, California. Vintners Reserve tubing has been the go to tubing choice for many breweries and wineries for decades. 

The ForgeFit barbed connector and crimp sleeve system is designed to provide a long life and easy to clean hose connection. The long barb and the long sleeve provide a secure crimp without crushing the hose. Triple banding can slip or damage the hose during installation and has sharp edges. The ForgeFit® hose barb skips the first barb to provide a gapless and smooth transition to the tubing to make it easier to keep clean. Our barb has a stop to ensure the hose does not creep closer to the clamp in service.

Don't forget to add hose bumpers to your order to protect your investment! The ForgeFit® Silicone Hose Bumper is designed to protect your hose ends by absorbing the impact of the hose end hitting the floor when it's dropped. The unique built in handle makes it easier to grab and saves your back. 

Vintner™ Reserve:

  • Vintner™ Reserve is primarily for liquid transfer in wineries, breweries and for beverage production.
  • For handling in-plant and or tank truck transfer of wine, beer and other non-oily liquid foodstuffs
  • Resistant to conventional cleaning agents and cleaning in place processes
  • The hose is built on special chrome mandrel to ensure maximum cleanliness
  • FDA/USDA-compliant and conforms to 3-A Sanitary Standard 18-03


  • Temperature: -25° F to 220°F (-32° C to 105° C)
  • Tube: White Chlorobutyl tube won't impart rubbery tastes or smells
  • Reinforcement: Spiral-piled synthetic fabric with monofilament helix
  • Cover: Gray EPDM synthetic rubber (wrapped)
  • 1.5" tri-clamp ends


  • Flexible
  • Hose cover leaves no stain on the floor when dragged
  • Won't discolor food or beverages
  • Smooth, homogeneous liner will not impart taste or odor
  • The monofilament helix is rust proof and is a crush-resistant alternate to traditional softwall or steel wire, reinforced hoses
  • 4-to-1 safety factor
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Crush and kink resistant


  in. mm
ID 1.5 38.1
OD 2.06 52.34
Bend Radius 4 102