MoreWine Professional!

About Us

  • MoreWine! Pro is a wholesale-only brand that sells equipment and ingredients to commercial wineries. You need to be a licensed winery and have an established account with our company to purchase equipment and supplies from MoreWine! Pro.  If you are a winery and are interested in becoming a customer please fill out the application. If you are not a licensed winery but would like to purchase supplies from our company please visit our other brand MoreWine! at
  • Our company was started as Beer, Beer & More Beer™ April 1st, 1995 by Olin Schultz and Darren Schleth. They purchased a few thousand dollars of supplies and Olin begin filling orders out of a 150 square foot shed that was in the back of Darren's house.  Many of our first customers still remember pulling up in the gravel driveway and walking around the house to pick up their brewing supplies.  We are proud to say that our company is still owned and operated by three passionate homebrewers, Olin Schultz, Darren Schleth and Chris Graham.
  • In 2000 we started selling supplies and ingredients to make wine after we ourselves started making wine from amazing local fruit. Wine, Wine & More Wine and another passion is born.
  • In 2006 our commercial brands and are created to sell to commercial wineries and brewers. A Warehouse expansion doubles our space to accommodate growth.
  • We offer a vast selection of items including products that we manufacture ourselves such as our Gas Transfer tool and Cellar Keg, as well as other unique brands that are exclusive to us such as Speidel.
  • To provide excellent shipping rates and transit times our company operates two warehouses, one on the west coast and one on the east coast.
  • With industry leading customer service and innovative products our goal is to provide the best possible experience to help you grow your passion!