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BrewBuilt CoolStix™

The BrewBuilt CoolStix™ is a revolutionary cooling solution that is easy to clean, easy to setup, and cools quickly and efficiently. Similar to a heat exchanger, the CoolStix™ utilizes thermal transfer and cools fermenting wine from the inside out. It does this by passing cold liquid through the CoolStix™ when the fermenting wine rises above a set temperature point. Since the CoolStix™ is physically in the solution it’s cooling, it works quicker and uses less energy than trying to cool the vessel externally. This virtually eliminates temperature spikes that might occur when using external cooling methods like a fridge or chest freezer.

Several CoolStix™ models are available for different fermentation vessels, including glass or PET carboys, Fermonsters, the Spiedel 30L plastic fermenter, and 7 to 14 gallon conicals with tri-clamp fittings.

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