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Gamma 180 - Elliptical Rotor Pump
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Gamma 180 - Elliptical Rotor Pump

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Gamma pumps are heavy duty, elliptical rotor, stainless steel pumps designed to move must from your destemmer to your fermentation tanks or bins. They are often referred to as Roll-in Crush Pad Pumps because they are on wheels and slide directly under your destemmer crusher.  While rubber impeller pumps can be made to work for this purpose impeller pumps are not as good in situations where there is very little liquid. Examples would be when you are trying to process whole berries or processing very small berry cabernet sauvignon. Gamma pumps are also softer on the fruit than an impeller pump. 

Elliptical Crush pad pumps are professional solutions. The Gamma 80 works with either our Jolly40 or Jolly60 while the Gamma180 works with the Jolly100. 

  • Stainless steel pump body
  • Stainless Receiving hopper with screw
  • 5.5 HP/4kW Motor
  • Requires 3 phase, 220v, 60 Hz Power
  • Up to 25,000 lbs/12,000kg pumped per hour
  • Shaft speed: 47/58 rpm
  • 3 in Tri Clamp connection fitting
  • Up to 15 ft / 4.5 m discharge height
  • Up to 90 ft / 27.4 m discharge distance
  • Hinged stainless door for inspection, cleaning
  • Automatic refillable lubricator

Please Note:  This unit REQUIRES 220V Three Phase power and will not function on anything else.   Please confirm that you have the proper power for this unit before purchasing, and plan to have a qualified electrician wire the necessary plug to the cord.