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2850L Variable Volume/Conical Bottom Red Fermentation Tank w/ Manway
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2850L Variable Volume/Conical Bottom Red Fermentation Tank w/ Manway

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The FO-M tank from Speidel is very similar to the the standard FO style variable volume storage tank. The FO-M tank, however, has been specially altered to make it more useful as a fermentation tank, and comes pre-fitted with the most standard features equipped on tanks used for red fermentations. And they have the same degree of flexibility and customization available as the standard FO style tank, but offer an easy starting point and cost savings for tanks destined for red fermentation. And don't miss out on Spediel's Mobile Must Plunger, which makes punch downs fast, easy and automatic!

Key Features

  • Available in 28 sizes covering 6 different tank diameters from 1,100L to 15,200L
  • Tank is equipped with rectangular manway for must discharge.
  • Legs elevated to 52cm height for easier must discharge. Can be extended up to 80cm to accommodate a macro bin under the manway.
  • Bottom drain is rotated to just in front of the left tank leg so it's out of the way of must receptacle.
  • 1,100L & 1,600L Tanks equipped with 1.5" TC racking and drainage ports. All other tanks equipped with 2" TC. Larger fittings available by request
  • Reinforced racking ports prevent tank wall flex and can support the weight of a tank mixer.
  • All tanks include a lifting arm.
  • Mobile, forkliftable Pneumatic Must Plunger available to go with these tanks!

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Item # FO-M-160-V0140
Weight 619 LBS
Primary PurposeRed Wine Fermenter
Volume2001-3000L (528-792 gal)
Lid StyleVariable Volume
Tank ShapeRound
Bottom ShapeDish Bottom
Diameter/Width160 cm (63 in.)
Tank Height200.6 cm (79 in)
Speidel Tank TypeFO-M