MoreWine Professional!

MoreWine! is proud to present our line of premium quality stainless steel tanks. Built in Germany by Speidel, the world-class traditions of German engineering and craftsmanship are reflected in these tanks. And, after examining tanks built by every major manufacturer worldwide, we can safely say that when it comes to features, quality and price, these tanks represent the very best value available in stainless steel wine storage.

Interior finish
Speidel tanks feature an ultra-smooth 2R rated interior surface which effectively resists the build-up of tartrate residues. Clean your tanks with cold water after cold stabilization! Say goodbye to harsh cleaning chemicals and expensive CIP systems!

Weld Quality
Speidel's robotic-arm laser welders create flawless stainless to stainless junctions that look and feel more like a taped fabric seam than a traditional weld. Ultra high-quality welds leave no chance for residual product to harbor spoilage organisms.

25 year warranty
Speidel-Behaelter, GmbH backs up each and every tank with an industry-leading 25 year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. And, as a 5th generation manufacturer, you can be confident they'll be around to honor that warranty should the need arise

Complete Drainage Bottoms
Speidel's Dish-Bottomed tanks feature a unique tank bottom design which incorporates a forward-sloping pocket starting at the center of the tank bottom and terminating in a Tri-Clamp drain valve in an easy-to-reach position at the bottom edge of the tank. This design provides full drainange of the tank without the use of a closed pipe connected to the center of the tank's base, which can clog up and be otherwise difficult to clean.

Reinforced Racking Ports
From 300L up, Speidel's Dish-Bottomed tanks feature reinforced Tri-Clamp racking ports. This extra plate joined to the tank wall to support the racking valve both eliminates flex in the tank wall when operating the racking valve, and is so strong that it can fully support the weight of a conventional tank mixer without the need to for an additional mixer stand!