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15 ft³ Nitrogen Tank | Argon Tank | Aluminum
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15 ft³ Nitrogen Tank | Argon Tank | Aluminum

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The tank you need for flushing vessels or pushing wine from kegs using either Nitrogen or Argon. Gas flushing is a very useful process for giving added protection to wines by helping to minimize contact with oxygen in your storage containers. Also, wine stored in kegs for either topping up barrels or for serving should be pushed with Nitrogen or Argon rather than CO2 to prevent adding carbonation to your wine (unless you want all you wines to be sparklers!).

Generally speaking we recommend using Argon instead of Nitrogen around your winery, mainly because it is denser than air and so is much more effective when it comes to flushing vessels. Though it is more expensive than Nitrogen, we feel that the added expense is worth it when it comes to protecting our wines.

Our gas tanks are all brand new aluminum tanks in standard sizing with high quality valves. Aluminum tanks are superior to steel because they do not rust. To have tanks filled you will want to visit your local welding supply shop. Also be warned that you will want to make sure that you are getting high quality valves if you are buying reconditioned steel tanks that come from overseas.

Tank capacity is 15 ft3 when filled with Nitrogen and approximately 18-19 ft3 when filled with Argon.

Tanks are rated to 1800 psi. 

Please note that to comply with DOT regulations ALL TANKS ARE SHIPPED EMPTY.

For more information on using gas for flushing vessels, please refer to MoreWine!'s Guide to Inert Gas in Winemaking


Item # D1054
Weight 8 LBS