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MoreWine!® Barrel Washer
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MoreWine!® Barrel Washer

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Our new barrel washer is a back saver. We've done the He-Man thing and lifted barrels all over the place. As a result we've also been laid up in bed with a screaming lower back.

Designed to be used with standard hose pressure. Not intended for use with pressure washers.

After using designs that require you to lift barrels onto them we knew there had to be a better way. We designed our own simple washer that is inexpensive and flexible. This is one of the benefits of having a test winery and a fabrication shop!

With this design you can wash barrels via two methods.

Method 1: Wash barrels while they are on the rack. Spin them when they are empty and insert this wand through the bung hole.
Method 2: If you move barrels not on racks, roll the barrel till the bung hole is parallel to the ground and insert the spray wand. Continue to rotate the barrel, with wand inside, till you cannot go any further. The bung hole will now be pointed almost directly down. To keep the barrel from rolling place a chalk block (any block will work) on the other side to keep the barrel in place. The photo shows the angle the washer would be at if used in method 2. Because the bung hole in the barrel is not facing directly down all you need to do when you pull the washer out is to rotate the barrel down for 2 seconds and the small remaining amount of water(less than a pint) will drain out. This is a great method to avoid lifting barrels and to be able to clean them by yourself.

Product Features:
Stainless Steel
3/4" MPT(male pipe thread) inlet.  In order to connect to your garden hose you will need an adapter from 3/4" MPT to brass hose.
Spinning spray head included

Item # WE492
Weight 4 LBS