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LinkTech High Temp Plastic Female Quick Disconnect (QD) | 1/2" Barb
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LinkTech High Temp Plastic Female Quick Disconnect (QD) | 1/2" Barb

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The LinkTech 60PS Series is a lineup of premium plastic Quick Disconnects.  These High Quality QDs are made from medical grade polypropylene, a high-strength plastic that is temperature tolerant 160° (Max!), and can handle pressure ranging from a vacuum to 60 psi. All of the 60PS Series will interconnect, and these units will also work seamlessly (and leaklessly!) with CPC Quick Disconnects of the same internal 3/8” flow path.  O-rings are a EPDM Rubber, and internal valve springs are constructed from 316 Stainless steel.

This is a Female Socket, that can connect to any H501 Series Male Plugs.  It has a 1/2" Hose Barb on the other end for attaching any 1/2" ID tubing.

While not quite as bulletproof as our Stainless Steel Quick Disconnects, this lineup does offer a few advantages.  These can be set up with Shutoffs, which will prevent flow when disconnected, and can be incredibly useful on Pump or Glycol systems.  The pricing of these products is more economical, yet the plastic is still medical grade.  All in all, these are a premium lineup of quick disconnects with great features and lots of options.


  • LinkTech brand 60PS Series
  • Connections:
    • Female Socket Quick Disconnect
    • 1/2" Barb
  • Medical Grade Materials:
    • Body: High-Strength Polypropylene
    • Spring: 316 Stainless Steel
    • O-Ring: EPDM
  • Operating Pressure: Vacuum to 60 PSI
  • Temperature Tolerance: -40 to 280°F (-40 to 138°C)
  • 3/8" Flow Path
  • Interchangeable with CPC - Colder HFC35 Series
Item # H501E
Weight 0.10 LBS