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Alpet D2 Surface Sanitizer (1 qt)
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Alpet D2 Surface Sanitizer (1 qt)

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Due to an unprecedented demand for surface sanitizers, Alpet is on back order until further notice. If you're looking for a spray application santizer, we recommend using a small amount of Star San and one of our 8 oz Spray Bottles.

Gone in 60 seconds... Kills bacteria and wild yeast after a 60 second contact period! A mixture of Isopropyl alcohol, water and a residual bacterial killer, QUAT. Very handy to have on hand for santizing valving on conical fermenters, or anything else that needs quick sanitizing. Features: No rinse. Allow to air dry. Short contact time.

Manufacturer Specifications:

  • Safe for food contact surfaces
  • Highly evaporative/no rinsing required
  • Excellent for packaging areas, scales, display cases
  • Will not impart taste onto food
  • Ready-To-Use - no dilution/no mistakes
  • Consistent measurable results
  • Non corrosive to tools and metals
  • Works where normal sanitizers cannot
  • 60 second contact time
  • 2 year shelf life
Item # CL60
Weight 2 LBS