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Stocked Stainless Steel Wine Tanks 

These are Tanks we are always ordering to keep in stock.  To see if a tank is currently in inventory, click on the tank and scroll to the bottom of the description where we list availability. If the tank is not in stock, we may already have some coming in, or we can always order one for you. Call 800-942-2750 and a customer associate can help you.  

More! about Speidel
We think Speidel is the World's best manufacturer of tanks. And, moreover, our customers agree.  Everyone who receives these tanks raves about the quality and attention to detail. Because the factory is so automated, in typical German fashion, the production costs are reduced because there are fewer man hours into the tanks.First, the polished interior will save you clean up time.  Their welds are second to none and we have seen and inspected all of the major tank manufacturers.  From laser welding to going back and then bead blasting after the weld, the finish is amazing. All of the bottoms are molded to eliminate unnecessary welds making these tanks incredibly clean on the inside.  All metal thickness is engineered to be correct. The footing engineered to allow the fastest flow into the tank. All valve openings are reinforced to provide structural integrity.

More! about Marchisio
We have been buying tanks from Marchisio since the 1990’s, so we have a long history of collaboration.  Marchisio is a classic Italian tank manufacturer that represents the best value in the industry. Great quality at a very competitive price. All tanks have a classic marbled finish on the outside and a smooth polished finish on the inside.  Each tank includes a dry airlock – a style of airlock that has a marble inside to make a seal. We recommend replacing this airlock with a classic water airlock to reduce potential oxidation. Includes 3/4" chrome plated valve. 
If you are interested in ordering a customized Speidel Tank, please click here. Orders need to be in by March 31 in order to guarantee delivery by harvest.

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