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Agglomerated Wine Corks | Molinas MP AGL | Compressed Natural Cork | #9 x 1.75" | 23mm x 44mm
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Agglomerated Wine Corks | Molinas MP AGL | Compressed Natural Cork | #9 x 1.75" | 23mm x 44mm

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  • Agglomerated corks are a great economy option for wines not intended for long term storage
  • All Natural cork is compressed using a food grade binding agent
  • Organoleptically controlled, Genesis steam treated to reduce TCA and other volatile compounds
  • 23mm X 44mm, #9 x 1.75" | Fits standard cork finish (neck) bottles
  • Recommended aging time: Up to 2 years
  • Molinas Cork has been sustainabily harvesting from the cork forests of Sardinia for over 100 years
  • Bark is aged an additional year prior to harvest, leading to less porous, higher quality cork

These agglomerated corks are a great economy option for sealing your wine. Intended for shorter term aging (<2 years), perfect for those that don't lay their wine down for extended aging. Agglomerated corks are made from small cork pieces held together with a food grade binder. These corks are recommended for wines aged less than 2 years. The 23 mm diameter eases the corking process if using a hand corker.  23mm X 44mm, #9 x 1.75".

Italy produces more wine than any country in the world and Molinas is the largest Italian cork supplier with over 1 billion corks produced annually. Molinas Cork was started over 100 years ago by Pietro Molinas on the Italian island of Sardinia. Besides its beautiful beaches and designation as one of the world's five Blue Zones, Sardinia is known for its large, government protected Cork tree forests.

Today, the 4th generation of the Molinas family sustainably harvests cork from these protected trees. Compared to most cork available in the market, the bark is allowed to mature an additional year. This leads to a less porous, higher quality cork, and has less impact on the forest. Throughout the entire process from tree to finished cork, quality control is strictly monitored. MoreFlavor! is proud to represent Molinas Cork in the USA.

Tolerances on Normal Dimensions:

  • Height: +/- 0,4 mm
  • Diameter: +/- 0,3 mm
  • Apparent volumetric mass: 280 +/- 40 kg/m³

Characteristics Physical / Mechanical:

  • Peroxides: Absent
  • Dust transfer: < 0,5 mg/stopper
  • Organoleptic test: ≤ 2%
  • Boiling resistance: No disaggregation

Finishing Treatments:

  • Genesis steam treatment for the reduction of tar and other volatile substances.
  • Polyurethane adhesives used for agglomeration of the body and gluing of washers with food certification for food contact.
  • Wash: with diluted peracetic acid.
  • Thermal Marking.
  • Silicone lubricant and adhesives with food certification for food contact.