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Vinmetrica Alcohol By Volume (ABV) Kit
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Vinmetrica Alcohol By Volume (ABV) Kit

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Test for the amount of alcohol in your wine, beer, mead, cider, or any distilled spirits using this simple kit. Test results are available in 1 - 24 hours (depending on sample type). This test gives you accurate and reliable results without having to send anything to a lab. The kits comes with a 10 mL burette setup.


  • Accuracy - 0.3%
  • Sensitivity - Below 1% ABV
  • Less than $3 per test
  • Kit comes with materials for 25 tests


  • Oxidant (0.062M potassium dichromate/2M sulfuric acid) (PN: SC-60-3)
  • ABV Titrant (0.2M sodium thiosulfate) (PN: SC-60-4)
  • ABV Developer solution (PN: SC-60-5)
  • Starch Indicator solution (PN: SC-60-6)
  • Reaction bottle with cap assembly (2) (PN: SC-60-8)
  • 5.0 mL volumetric pipette (PN: SC-60-9)
  • Pipetting safety bulb (PN: SC-300-16)
  • Calcium hydroxide ( Ca(OH)2, neutralizer and sequestrant) (PN: SC-60-7)
  • Transfer (“Squeeze-bulb”) pipettes (2) PN: SC-60-10)
  • 100 µL Pipettor (PN: SC-60-11)
  • 100 µL Pipette tips (25) (PN: SC-60-11-2)
  • 10 mL burette with Lab Support Stand and Double Burette Clamp
Item # MT586
Weight 1 LBS