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Vadai New Hungarian Oak Barrel - 23L (6.1gal)
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Vadai New Hungarian Oak Barrel - 23L (6.1gal)

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Are you dedicated to the art of wine making? Now you can age your wine like the pros in this quality Hungarian Oak barrel from Vadai. 
Tight-grained Hungarian Oak has long been sought out by winemakers for its ability to bring weight and minerality to a wine while highlighting the original fruit! It is sourced from the steep, rocky hillsides of the renowned Zemplen forest, from trees that grow in a unique soil with a high mineral content. The wood is selected from 100 year-old trees that are air-dried for three years before being crafted into barrels.
The finished barrels have a high perceived-vanillin content along with bittersweet chocolate, subtle black pepper, roasted coffee, and leather notes. They gently structure the wine in a restrained and elegant way that never steps on the fruit (a quality that makes the Vadai barrels ideally suited for smaller sized lots where overpowering the wine might be a concern.) 
Please Note: We have found that these barrels can be up to 10% larger than their stated volume. Please be aware of this when purchasing a barrel and planning to have topping wine.
Hungarian barrels have a slightly different shape than French or American barrels. Referred to as gonczi ("goon-see"), it is round and squat with a shorter overall length (as opposed to being drawn-out and oval like their French and American counterparts). This is important to keep in mind when organizing your cellar (stacking barrels, etc.). We recommend cutting your own wooden chocks to keep the barrels in place and raised off the floor during ageing/storage (hardwoods, like oak, are preferred because they are naturally more resistant to bacteria and TCA development).
Approximate Dimensions: Head diameter 12", Belly Diameter 15", Height 15". Bung diameter 1 1/2"
Medium Toast
Item # WE482
Weight 25 LBS