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Blichmann WineEasy™ Degassing kit
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Blichmann WineEasy™ Degassing kit

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Degas your wine completely and efficiently with the WineEasy Degassing Kit from Blichmann Engineering!

The WineEasy™ Degassing Kit is a vacuum degassing kit from Blichmann Engineering™. No more messing with cumbersome, inefficient stir-type degassers that leave CO2 in solution and cause a mess. With the WineEasy™ Degassing Kit, professionally degassing your wine is as easy as flipping a switch! A vacuum is placed on wine in a carboy through a special stopper, drawing all carbon dioxide out of solution, leaving your wines still and delicious! Degassing usually takes about 30 minutes, depending on the temperature of your wine. We recommend getting your wine up between 75-80 degrees for fastest results. This is the perfect degassing solution for all winemakers!
NOTE: This product can be used by anyone on any wine for degassing. For those with a WineEasy™ Fermentor and Piston, the Vacuum Press Kit for WineEasy™ is recommended for full use with the WineEasy™ system.
The Degassing Kit comes with the following components:
  • Vacuum pump
  • 5 ft piece of 1/4" OD hard plastic vacuum tube
  • 1/4" X 6" stainless steel vacuum tube
  • #7 two-hole silicone stopper
  • #00 solid tan rubber stopper (used to plug the racking tube hole for degassing)
  • Check valve assembly and with spare check ball and check ball seat
Item # WE588
Weight 10 LBS