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Speidel Stainless Jacketed Conical Fermenter - 16 Gallon (60L) - Threaded Ports
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Speidel Stainless Jacketed Conical Fermenter - 16 Gallon (60L) - Threaded Ports

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Please note this tank comes with 3/4" female BSP ports at the bottom, rather than the tri-clamp ports that are pictured. The lid has a non-threaded 38 mm hole for a stopper and airlock.

A 16 gal (60 L) jacketed, mutli purpose tank built by Speidel of Germany that works well for beer, wine, spirits, cider, etc.  

Convenient top hatch makes cleaning and oaking easy. Heavy duty sealing mechanism and thick gasket ensure an air tight seal. The tanks will support a few p.s.i. of pressure, however they are not pressure rated or designed to be used under pressure. The inside is finished to Speidel quality standards. Bottom drain fittings are 3/4" BSP. Flat bottom tanks do not have legs; conical tanks come standard with legs.

Key Features

Full Jacket - Braumeister Fermenters are equipped with a jacket that covers all accessible areas of the tank. This will allow you to hook it into a glycol system (see our Kreyer Chilly45, GLY410) for complete temperature control!

Included Options - this fermenter features 3/4" female BSP outlets (1 on bottom for complete drainage, one in middle for racking arm) and also two welded DIN fittings. These are equipped with hardware at the factory, one has a sample valve; the other has a thermowell/thermometer combination.

Interior Finish - Speidel tanks feature an ultra-smooth 2R rated interior surface which effectively means cleaning is too easy. Watch the Krausen wash right off!

Weld Quality - Speidel's robotic-arm laser welders create flawless stainless to stainless junctions that look and feel more like a taped fabric seam than a traditional weld. Ultra high-quality welds leave no chance for residual product to harbor spoilage organisms.

Warranty - Speidel-Behaelter, GMBH backs up each and every tank with an industry-leading 25 year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. And, as a 5th generation manufacturer, you can be confident they'll be around to honor that warranty should the need arise.

Thickness - Speidel tanks are on average around 25% thicker than Italian manufactured tanks of the same general capacity and dimensions.

Complete Drainage Bottoms - All Speidel Braumeister tanks are outfitted with conical, pocketed bottoms for total drainage, which maximizes product yield at rackings and makes cleaning a snap. *Please note that flat-bottomed tanks do not feature total drainage bottoms.

Dimensions - 14" D x 45.1" H (355mm D x 1146mm H)

  • Full Volume of 62 l (16.3 gal).
  • Perfect for blending two barrels of wine
  • 3/4" BSP Drain and Racking Port
  • 38mm (1.49") lid hole for stopper and airlock
  • 8.5" Top hatch for easy cleaning and additions.
  • 2 X DIN10 Fittings w/ Sample Valve and Thermowell/ Thermometer combo


Item # BRAU700TH
Weight 50 LBS
Speidel Tank TypeFD