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Speidel 3000L FD-MKEHTK Sealed Red Wine Fermenter w/ Oak Walls
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Speidel 3000L FD-MKEHTK Sealed Red Wine Fermenter w/ Oak Walls

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Speidel's FD-MKEH Tanks represent the ultimate level of premium wine fermentation: a world-leading stainless steel tank with the organoleptic and stabilizing benefits of oak tank walls.

These tanks use premium quality german oak to produce a tank which provides micro-ox during fermentation, distributes heat effectively across staves, and is less susceptible to fluctuations in ambient temperature. And best of all, this stainless/oak hybrid tank combines all of the benefits of a 100% oak container with easier cleaning and the ability to easily replace staves individually or on the whole as necessary at significantly lower cost than replacing a 100% oak vessel.

The FD-MKEH tank is equally at home being used as a fermenter or a storage tank and can be used with either red or white wines. The oversized top hatch allows for traditional manual pumpovers and punch downs, giving you the ultimate control over fruit handling.

FD-MKEH: The Best of Both Worlds

Key Features:

  • Tank ceiling in AISI316 stainless steel, tank floor and frame in AISI304
  • 55mm thick oak staves with innovative Spediel goove-joint between the wood and the stainless frame.
  • Centered, vertical 80 cm (32”) top hatch with 2” Tri-Clamp ferrule
  • Ladder support bow
  • 53x40 cm (21x16 in) forward sloped Fermentation Manway
  • Integrated port and mounting points for optional sight guage (port comes capped)
  • NW 10 DIN stainless sample valve port. Sample valve not included.
  • 2” Tri-Clamp drain and racking outlets.
Item # FD-MKEHTK-160-3000
Weight 1430 LBS
Primary PurposeRed Wine Fermenter
Volume2001-3000L (528-792 gal)
Lid StyleSealed Top
Tank ShapeCylindro-conical
Bottom ShapeDish Bottom
Diameter/Width160 cm (63 in.)
Tank Height301 cm (119 in)
Speidel Tank TypeFD-MKEH