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Speidel 3000L, 1400mm x 1400mm AS-MO Rectangular Dish Bottom Sealed Stacking Tank
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Speidel 3000L, 1400mm x 1400mm AS-MO Rectangular Dish Bottom Sealed Stacking Tank

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Speidel's RS-MO and RA-MO Rectangular Tanks are a sister line to their FS-MO & AS-MO flagship storage and fermentation tanks, and can be arranged more closely together to get the most our of your limited floor space. Featuring a huge range of tank capacities, these tanks can be customized with a wide array of add-on features, and can be stacked to take advantage of vertical space in your facility. The RS-MO tank is the tank used for the base, and up to two RA-MO tanks stack on. Please note that with each width range there is a maximum total volume for all tanks in a stack shown below, due to the weight of the tanks when full.

Key Features

  • Tank walls and base in AISI304 stainless, tank top is AISI316 stainless for additional SO2 gas resistance
  • All coners and junctions are gently rounded to facilitate draining and prevent wine build-up
  • Base tanks from 200cm and up in height, and all stacking tanks, include a ladder support bow.
  • TC Ferrule on tank top for affixing a valve, bung or blowoff tube.
  • TC racking port is strong enough to support a tank mixer.
  • TC pocketed tank base drains completely
  • 1.5" TC Fittings on tanks up through 1,600L. 2" Fittings on tanks 1,601L and up. Larger fittings available by request
  • All tanks outfitted with DN10 threaded port to accommodate a sample valve (Valve part number H587)
  • All tanks feature a weld-free, molded oval racking door/manway
  • All tanks are pre-equipped with a DN10 threaded port and mounting points to affix a sight gauge at any time.


Tank Width Maximum Volume of Tank Stack
90 cm 4000 Liters
110 cm 5000 Liters
130 cm 7000 Liters
140 cm 6000 Liters
150 cm 10200 Liters

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Item # RA-MO-141-3000
Weight 515 LBS
Primary PurposeStorage & White Fermenter
Volume2001-3000L (528-792 gal)
Lid StyleSealed Top
Tank ShapeRectangular
Bottom ShapeDish Bottom
Diameter/Width140 cm (55 in.)
Tank Height194.9 cm (77 in)
Speidel Tank TypeRA-MO