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EnoItalia EuroFill 60 Pump | Automatic Dosing System | 0-6,340 GPH | 4 kW | 220V
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EnoItalia EuroFill 60 Pump | Automatic Dosing System | 0-6,340 GPH | 4 kW | 220V

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Combines all the benefits and advantages of our best-selling rubber impeller Enoitalia Euro Pumps with inline volume measurement.  This is a pump with a brain! Enter in the volume of wine you would like to pump and the EuroFill turns off when that volume has been pumped. With a built-in flow meter, PLC (programmable logic controller) and a touch screen this pump will reduce human error and make your cellar life a lot easier. Filling barrels, blending exact volumes of wine, and dosing larger tanks with specialized ingredients are a few of the most useful applications. You can also control pumping by time which can be useful for pump overs and cleaning solutions.  

Includes a wireless remote control.  Made by Enoitala, a pump specialist, in Tuscany Italy.  Sold and supported in the USA by MoreWine!. 

Unique Applications:

  • Know the volume pump during any transfer
  • Program an exact volume you want pumped
  • Easily create perfect blends
  • Fill barrels by volume (and then top off)
  • Can be used for all general pumping application


  • Rubber impeller pump with electronic speed control
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for manual or automatic operation
  • Endress induction flow meter
  • Programmable dosing, counting, and timer
  • Remote control
  • 7" Touchscreen
  • Stainless steel control panel and trolley
  • Dry run protection
  • Pressure switch


  • Capacity: 0-6,340 GPH (0-24,000 L/h)
  • 3" Tri-Clamp Inlet/Outlet
  • 220V, Single Phase
  • 4 kW

Please note: the unit will arrive bare without a power cord, plug, or controls to power the motor on or off. You will need an electrician to wire the appropriate power cord and controls to the motor.