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MoreWine!® Guide to Red Winemaking
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MoreWine!® Guide to Red Winemaking

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This is the ideal instructional text for first-time winemakers. Use it as your detailed guide this year to make high end red wine at home. Based on years of in-house research, hands-on winemaking and customer feedback, this booklet outlines our Best Practices and gives you the best shot at making great wine right in your home. Laid out in a direct and step-by-step fashion, this handy manual will be sure to stay by your side in your home winery for years to come.

This is the same booklet that is available as a free .PDF download from the MoreManuals section of our website, in a nice spiral-bound package with heavy-duty pages made from a smudge-resistant paper.

"I have been making red wine using the MoreManual Guide to Red Winemaking for three years. I originally downloaded a copy off of the website. Recently I bought the bound version because, of all the winemaking reference materials I have, including reference materials form a winemaking class and several books for home winemakers, the MoreManual is the only reference I bring with me to my home winery. When I need to make a decision, I consult that first. I appreciate the degree of thoroughness and detail in such a practical, hands on manual. If I can make good red wine using this manual, anybody can! It is far more useful to me than any of my home winemaking texts."

Suisun Valley, California, USA

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