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Kreyer Fan Unit | SD-S 148 | 5.5 Ton Cooling Capacity | Quad Fan | For Rooms Up To 85,000 ft³ | 230V
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Kreyer Fan Unit | SD-S 148 | 5.5 Ton Cooling Capacity | Quad Fan | For Rooms Up To 85,000 ft³ | 230V

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  • Use your existing glycol system to cool your cellar
  • Eliminates the need to purchase an entirely separate refrigeration system
  • SD-S series fan units were designed specifically for high-moisture environments like wine cellars
  • Sized for well-insulated rooms up to 85,000 ft³
  • Made in Germany by Kreyer

Cool your cellar using your existing glycol system. Save energy and money! These units work under the same principles as standard refrigeration but use cooled glycol that you already have instead of cooled refrigerant gas, eliminating the need to have a separate refrigeration system. It is a fantastic use of your glycol system for a majority of the year when typically glycol systems are on but are being sporadically called upon. Glycol systems do need to be sized to accommodate both these fan units and peak duty during the crush to be able to accommodate all tasks at once.

Glycol from your main glycol chiller is recirculated through these fan units. Aluminum fins act as heat exchangers drawing heat out of your room as the fins are cooled by the glycol. If you have a Kreyer chiller/heater you can even heat a space in cold weather environments.

The heat exchangers inside the units are made from corrugated aluminum fins and internally grooved copper tubes. The white ABS casing looks great. Because of its rounded corners it has no water retaining areas favorable to germ development. Both series are fitted with stainless steel screws and show no sharp, cutting edges. Built in defrosters help ensure the system is working at optimum efficiency

The SD-S series has been designed especially for problematic environments such as wine-cellars with high moisture. The high-performance fans on the SD-S unit are lubricated for life.

Fan Unit Temp Control Upgrades:

  • 3/4 in. Solenoid Valve - Allows or blocks flow of glycol through the fan unit.  Needs to be connected to a Controller to function.  A filter is recommended to protect the solenoid.
  • 3/4 in. Solenoid Filter - protects the solenoid valve from any particulate or sediment.
  • Glycol Fan Control Unit - Set a specific temperature on this controller and it will open and close the solenoid valve.
  • Solenoid Connection Cable - This 2 meter long cable is required to connect the Solenoid Valve & Control unit.

Inlet and Outlet: 1" Male BSP

The SD-S 148 is sized to:
Cool a room up to 85,000 cubic feet when the ceiling and walls are well insulated. Will use approximately 5.5 tons of cooling power from your chilling system. Please be sure to consult with our Wine team for proper sizing of a fan unit.  This unit features 4 fans.

Product Statistics
Weight: 150lbs
Dimensions: 82"L x 12"W x 18"H