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EnoItalia Jolly 60 Reverse Crush Pad | Auto Sorting | Variable Speed | Stainless Steel | 6 tons/h | 230V Single Phase
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EnoItalia Jolly 60 Reverse Crush Pad | Auto Sorting | Variable Speed | Stainless Steel | 6 tons/h | 230V Single Phase

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  • Rolling crush pad with Jolly 60 Reverse Destemmer and automatic sorting table
  • Independently controlled feeding hopper, destemming basket, and sorting table with adjustable speed motors
  • Destemming basket with anti-tear design is gentle on grapes to reduce skin abrasion
  • Unique basket mounted wiper blade eliminates stainless screw feed
  • 6 tons per hour processing capacity
  • Made in Italy by EnoItalia

This professional crush pad from our partners at Enoitalia features the Jolly 60 Reverse Destemmer and RBS 60 automatic roller sorting table. Three adjustable speed motors allow for independent control of the feeding hopper, the destemming process, and the sorting table. Along with adjustability in the destemming bar and then on gap setting in the sorting process you can really dial in the machine for your application.

Jolly 60 Reverse
Enoitalia's newest destemmer, the Jolly 60 is the ideal processing unit for smaller wineries looking for top-quality processing at an affordable price. The loading hopper features a mechanical speed variable motor so you can control the flow of grape bunches into the destemming chamber. The destemming bar and basket are separately controlled by a variable frequency drive that allows you to turn a dial to set the right speed. Separate control of these processes allows you to find the balance between speed and quality and helps the machine from being overloaded at either stage.  
The destemming basket is made with a gentle anti-tear design to reduce grape skin abrasion. The holes in the basket are deep punched through thicker stainless steel, from the inside out, and then bead blasted to remove any sharp edges. The destemming bar features fingers with adjustable rubber tips to ensure a gentle touch on your grapes. 
The receiving hopper features perforated drainage holes to allow juice, sometimes found in the bottom of picking bins, to exit before entering the destemming chamber.  There is a 1.5" hose barb for connecting tubing. You can either choose to run that juice to a tank, into the Gamma must pump under the destemmer, or into a discard bucket if the juice is too oxidized.  
Jolly 60 Reverse:
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Process up to 6 tons per hour
  • 230V 1 phase 3HP Motor
  • Variable Speed with Frequency Drive
  • Rubber Tipped Destemming bars
  • Centrifugal - Basket rotates
  • Unique basket mounted wiper blade eliminates stainless screw feed 
  • Destemming basket features 24mm holes
  • Casters, 2 of which lock
  • Easily removed destemming basket and shaft for easy cleaning
  • Unit comes with bare cord wire. Wire on the appropriate 220v plug for your electrical connection
  • Manufactured by Enoitalia
Automatic Sorting Table
A great innovation in sorting is the new RBS 60 sorting table, which features adjustable speed and motorized rollers with adjustable gap settings. The idea is that whole berries fall from the Jolly 60 after destemming onto the sorting table. Those berries fall through gaps in the specially designed rollers into either your macrobin or a receiving hopper and must pump.  Leaves and pieces of stem, that normally make it into your fermenation tank, are caught on the fingers of the rollers and shot off the end of the table into a garbage bin. The end result is similar to using a vibrating sorting table but the benefit is that the sorting is automatic instead of needing 2-4 people working the vibrating sorting table at all times. If you prefer a vibrating sorting table Enoitalia does make one and we are happy to prepare a custom quote.      
RBS 60 Automatic Roller Sorting Table
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Adjustable legs
  • Adjustable roller spacing
  • Electronic speed control 

Please Note: This item may come with a bare cord or with a European style plug.  You will need a professional electrician to wire the pump with the appropriate plug.

NOTE: Macro bin shown in example photo is not included with the crush pad. To purchase the macro bin, please see below under "You Might Also Need".