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Jolly 100 Destemmer Crusher
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Jolly 100 Destemmer Crusher

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EnoItalia's top of the line Centrifugal Destemmer Crusher gives you the highest level of control when processing your grapes. It comes with three independent motors allowing you to dial in the perfect speed for your grapes. The loading hopper features mechanically varied motor that allows you to adjust the speed the grapes are being fed into the destemming chamber. The destemming basket and shaft are controlled by frequency drive which allows for the use of potentiometer to electrically control the speed. The rubber rollers are driven by an independant set speed motor and can be adjusted to change the gap, or even removed, if you desire destemmed whole grapes. Independant control of each process allows you to find the balance between speed and quality and helps the machine from being overloaded at any one of the stages. 

The stainless steel destemming basket is made with a gentle anti-tear design and is driven by rubber tip paddles to ensure a gentle touch on your grapes. The basket has a diameter of 15.75 in (40 cm) and a length 49.2 in (125 cm) and features 24/25mm holes which is the perfect size for a variety of fruit. Baskets with smaller or larger holes are not stocked but are available for special purchase. Enoitalia has tested other basket styles on the market, namely using a plastic basket instead of a stainless basket. Because of they way they punch and finish the holes in the stainless basket they have found there was no difference and the stainless steel lasts much longer. They have also made and tested baskets with variable size holes where the holes begin larger and end smaller with the idea that less jacks will pass. They can make this basket but they actually think it does not work as well. 

The receiving hopper features drainage holes with allows oxidized juice from the bottom your picking bins to drain.  

The machine has telescoping adjustable legs that allows the height of the machine to adjust from 60 in/135 cm up to 76 in/193 cm. 

Cleaning is easy for a machine this size. It features an integrated washing system (connect a garden hose) to help cut down on cleaning time. The top panels, over the destemming chamber, also open up on both sides to allow you to additionally clean with a spray gun. The cleaning system and the easy access are really handy for use between grape varietals, after a break, and at the end of the day when the basket and destemming bar are typically removed for a thorough cleaning. To remove the destemming basket and the bar the whole end of the machine (end with power controls) easily folds up via shocks allowing the destemming shaft and basket to be pulled out without the use of tools. It can be done with one person, however it is much easier with two because of the weight of the basket and bar.        

Ideally used with a grape feeding system such as our WE550 Loading and Sorting Table and a Gamma 180 elliptical rotoar pump.  

  • Rated for a production between 7-13 Tons per hour
  • Runs on 3 phase 220 V power
  • Loading hopper with gear speed variator kw 0.37
  • Destemming basket with electronic speed control 2.2/3kw for the shaft and basket
  • Motorized rollers kw 1.5
  • Destemmer shaft with adjustable rubber tips
  • Stainless steel basket with  professional type anti-tear sytem
  • Extraction of the liquid from the hopper with pump fitting connection
  • Rubber screw system
  • n°2 lifting eyes
  • Telescopic legs
  • Integrated washing system
  • Heavy duty bearings with 13 grease fittings for long life
  • Weight: 530 lbs


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