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Often used with isinglass, bentonite, gelatins, and other organically derived fining agents to help compact the lees, Gelocolle is a liquid solution of suspended silica that is used during fining to help improve settling. Gelocolle also helps to limit the risk of over-fining when used in conjuction with other fining agents. Gelocolle can also be used to remove excess protein in both red and white wine, thereby improving their filterability. Gelocolle is completely inert and will not add any flavor or aroma to the wine.

To Use
Add Gelocolle 1 hour after the fining agent. Mix well to ensure homogenization.

Recommended Dosage:
In general, use Gelocolle at a rate of 1 mL Gelocolle per 1 g of the fining agent you are aiding. For protein removal use 5 ml Gelocolle per gallon of wine.
Note: When using Gelocolle with a gelatin fining, use 1.0 mL of Gelocolle to 1.0 mL of gelatin.

Once opened use immediately.

Best stored at 50-68 F (10-20 C). Gelocolle solidifies irreversibly when frozen.