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Fermaid O - 2.5 kg
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Fermaid O - 2.5 kg

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Fermaid O is an upgraded formulation of the same Fermaid K that winemakers everywhere have learned to trust their ferments to. The main difference in composition between the two, is that the Fermaid O has replaced the inorganic DAP with an organic source. In terms of how this benefits the winemaker, there are several points! Features:

  • Organic Nitrogen is easier for your yeast to digest, resulting in a smoother, more consistent fermentation.
  • Fewer fermentation spikes means better yeast health, and the ability to ferment to its full capacity!
  • Compared to DAP, Fermaid O will result in lower heat output from the yeast, and lower levels of negative sulfur compounds.

    This is a nutrient which will boost the quality of wine, regardless of process! Lower heat production, less negative flavor compounds, better overall fermentation kinetics and flavors! All in all better performance will result in an overall better wine. To Use:
    Use at a rate of 1.5g / gal of must/juice.
Item # AD332D
Weight 6 LBS