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EnoItalia Gamma Horizontal Press | Pneumatic Membrane Press | Stainless | 220V 3 Phase
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EnoItalia Gamma Horizontal Press | Pneumatic Membrane Press | Stainless | 220V 3 Phase

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The Gamma series pneumatic side membrane press is the ideal solution for obtaining superior product in the pressing of both freshly harvested grapes and fermented must. The presses are completely made of stainless steel, with a large central opening to facilitate both filling and emptying. The technology used allows the management of each pressing phase the highest quality output.

PLC Screen Control
Using the PLC screen you have access to 12 preset and 12 custom pressing programs as well as a fully manual option. The manual function allows for control of the drum rotation, compressor, and fan. The PLC touchscreen allows for individual control or you can utilize one of the 12 present programs.  Want to customize the pressing cycle to your requirements? Save your parameters into one of the 12 available custom program slots.  

Sealed Drum
This is a closed cylinder press which reduces oxidation during the pressing cycle to help ensure quality.  Pressed juice exits the drum via drainage channels that are covered with slotted stainless steel screens.  The very highest-end commercial presses use a similar closed cylinder system. The Gamma is easily cleaned at the end of the session by easily removing the internal drain channel screens, without the need for tools, through the wide access doors. An additional benefit of the sealed drum is that it is possible to use the press for all or part of a fermentation.  

Buffer Tank with Level Sensor
The Gamma presses include a buffer tank with level sense at the bottom of the press.  Via a separate control panel, an external single-phase Enotialia pump (not included) can be connected to turn off and on to move wine from the buffer tank into your storage tanks. The outlet of the buffer tank is 1.5" Tri-Clamp.  

Axial Load Valve
All Gamma presses come standard with a 3" axial loading ball valve port on the cylinder that allows must to be pumped in.  We consider this an essential feature on a press otherwise you are limited to dumping or pumping in through the top access doors. Pumping in through the bottom increases the volume you fit into the drum and reduces oxidation.  

With the drain channel screens removed by hand the unit is easily washed internally from the large hatch doors.  On very large presses there is a need for internal washing systems but on presses of this size they are easily washed through the large hatch access doors. Gamma presses have two drum drains for easier cleaning. A standard drain and then the 3" axial load valve acts as a second drain.


  • Simple controls
  • Easy operations
  • Completly Automated or Manual operation


  • Closed cylinder with drain canal / open perforated cylinder
  • Double central sliding doors
  • Collection tank conical floor with stainless valve for drain and filter
  • Coaxial loading ball valve
  • Control panel with PLC, and 5 automatic programs
  • Manual mode
  • Berker brand blade compressor 
  • Double fan for suction and inflation max 0.2 bar
  • Rolling casters
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Safety cord for emergency stop
  • Panel control with emergency stop
  • 220V 60hz 3 Phase (neutral + 3 poles + ground)