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Clamp-On Double Bottle Sparger
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Clamp-On Double Bottle Sparger

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Are you filling your bottles with a manual filler and are concerned about oxidation during the bottling process? Protect your wine by flushing with inert gas using this clamp-on, two-spout flusher as the last step before bottling.

A great plan for bottling day is to place a staging table right next to your filler. Using the built-in clamp,our flusher/sparger mounts directly to the table. Grab two bottles, one with each hand, and push them down onto the pressure activated flushing valves. Hold them there for a second or two and they are ready for immediate bottling.

3/8" Female NPT threaded inlet, insert a barb that matches your tubing. Spout length is 4".

For a more affordable take on flushing take a look at CE971 and CE970.

Item # CE980
Weight 5 LBS