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BrewBuilt® IceMaster Max 4 | Glycol Chiller | 4 Built In Temp Controllers & Pumps | 2600btu | 110V | 8 Gal. Tank Capacity
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BrewBuilt® IceMaster Max 4 | Glycol Chiller | 4 Built In Temp Controllers & Pumps | 2600btu | 110V | 8 Gal. Tank Capacity

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  • Built-in pumps and digital controllers
  • Control multiple fermentation temperatures independently
  • Fill with 20% glycol solution for optimal chilling performance
  • Cold crash with good insulation
  • Perfect complement to BrewBuilt X-Series Conicals

The IceMaster Max 4 is designed to cool fermentations in small vessels or barrels. It can be used with any vessel/fermenter/tank/barrel that has a glycol jacket or submersed cooling snake/coil/rod. This chiller features 4 built-in submersible pumps with independent digital temperature controllers, allowing you to control the temperature of 4 separate fermentation or storage vessels at once. Each digital controller includes a thermal probe that should be inserted into a thermal well in your vessel or can be taped to the outside of the vessel if you don't have a thermal well. The digital controller then measures the temperature of your tank and turns the submersible pump on or off to cool the liquid in your vessel to the desired set temperature. 

The Max 4 can be used with any fermenter that has a built-in cooling jacket or a submersed cooling coil. It works well as the cooling source for the following:

  • Speidel - Speidel tanks with optional cooling jackets.   
  • Barrels - If you use our barrel snake. This can be particularly attractive for a white wine ferment in a barrel.

It is always difficult to determine exactly how many tanks can be chilled at one time as it depends on what is happening in each tank, how the tank is insulated, and what the ambient temperature is. Cold stabilizing always requires the most energy and requires well insulated tanks. We are currently experimenting with capacities but can provide this rough guide to get you started.  

1 - 60 Gallon Tank or Barrel
2 - 15-30 Gallon Tanks
4 - 5 to 15 Gallon Tanks

Set Up
In order to hook up the IceMaster to your fermenter or tank's cooling system, you will need 2 lengths of tubing. All tubing connections should be secured with hose clamps.

  • Length 1: Barb of 1st bulkhead (IN) to cooling system outlet
  • Length 2: Barb of 2nd bulkhead (OUT) to cooling system inlet


  • 4 built-in submersible pumps with independent digital controllers
  • Pump controllers read in °F/°C
  • Temperature controller reads in °C
  • Labeled IN and OUT stainless bulkheads with 3/8" OD barbs
  • Tank Capacity: 30L/8 Gal. Water Capacity
  • Compressor: 3/8 HP
  • Cooling Capacity: 780 Watt/2600btu/0.26 ton
  • Refrigerant: R134a
  • Voltage: 110V (3.6 amps)
  • Dimensions: 16.1" x 16.1" x 26"
  • Wheels included
  • CE Certified
  • Max Head: 21.3 ft (6.5 m)

Warning: Do not set the reservoir temperature controller lower than 28°F (-2ºC). Running the unit below this temperature may negatively affect the unit's efficiency and has the potential to freeze beer which may impact the finished beer's flavor.



Item # GLY354
Weight 77 LBS