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Beer Faucet - Perlick Stainless 630SS
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Beer Faucet - Perlick Stainless 630SS

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#1 Best selling beer faucet!

The Perlick Stainless Beer Faucet 630SS is our #1 best selling faucet for two very important reasons.

1) This Perlick Faucet features the revolutionary forward sealing design. Homebrewers are fanatics when it comes to keeping their equipment clean. Beer residue can grow unwanted contaminants, and spoil the taste of your beer. The rear-sealing faucet traps beer inside of its body. There is a pin-hole in the faucet to allow the beer to drain out. This leaves residue, causing the faucet to remain sticky and prone to contamination. The Perlick Faucet, with its forward sealing design, only has beer drain from the short 1" nozzle section. This keeps the operating part of the faucet clean so it will function smoothly (even when it was not cleaned between uses) and greatly reduces the chance of contamination.

2) Stainless Steel construction. It goes without saying that Stainless Steel is the metal you want touching your beer. It has the structural integrity, and durability to last a lifetime. Old-school faucets are made of chrome-plated brass. Eventually, the chrome wears off, exposing the brass. The beer can then pit the brass, leaving nooks and crannies where bacteria can grow. This can cause an off flavor in your beer.

Both of these features prevent the faucet from malfunctioning and from adding off flavors to your beer. What more could a serious homebrewer want?

Item # D1218
Weight 0.25 LBS