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1000L Sealed Stackable Transport Tank
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1000L Sealed Stackable Transport Tank

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These Speidel Sealed Transport tanks are the perfect solution for winemakers who have, well, wine to transport!

The modular, stackable design makes them easy to store and useful around the winery when not being used for transport.

The 1000L capacity means they can be picked up with a standard forklift when full, and the fact that they fit the footprint of a standard pallet means they will fit in the bed of most full-sized pickup trucks.

Key Features

  • Sealed top with welded on D-Tabs for lifting the tank
  • 40cm hinged top hatch with 2''TC vent neck with sealing cap.
  • Molded, fully draining tank bottom with 2''TC.
  • Stainless steel frame, accessible from four sides by forklift.
  • Maximum stack of 3 tanks when full

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Item # ST-T-120-1000
Weight 231 LBS
Primary PurposeTransport & Mixing
Volume501-1000L (132-264 gal)
Lid StyleSealed Top
Tank ShapeRound
Bottom ShapeDish Bottom
Diameter/Width120 cm (47 in.)
Tank Height143.5 cm (56 in)
Speidel Tank TypeST-T