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Cellar Kegs!

In this category you will find everything need to make an incredible top-up system for your winery.  We used all the systems on the market in our winery and designed a complete system that takes everything into consideration.  Check out some of the highlights!

Big Keg Opening
For starters we like kegs with 4" openings. Perhaps we could save a few dollars by putting in a 2" clamp fitting. We think the 4" opening is well worth the money when you want to be able to clean it by hand and you can reach right in!  The 4" opening is also nice for smaller lots of wine when you might want to structure the wine with wood in the keg.  Easy to staves in and out.  

Clover Fittings
Lets keep it sanitary people.  How do you work with a threaded opening?  You have to use a fitting to convert that to barb then connect tubing.  The tubing needs to be able to disconnect after everything time you use it because tubing allows some oxygen in and also grows more bacteria when left connected.  This is why we use a clover fitting outlet and butterfly valve.  Why curve the clover outlet?   So that the Butterfly valve sits in a horizontal position instead of a vertical position and will drain when you disconnect your tubing set.

Why Silicone Tubing?

It is a pleasure to work.  Super flexible for getting around barrels.  Coils nicely when you are done and is completely inert so no plastic flavor transfer.

Our Gas System
We use a CPC gas quick disconnect system.  The Cellar Keg comes with a male gas quick disconnect fitting and you will need to purchase the female side for your gas line (that attached to your Nitrogen or Argon tank)

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