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Custom Speidel Tanks

Unbeatable Quality - Suprisingly Affordable. Built in Germany by Speidel and sold exclusively in the USA by MoreWine! Pro for over 20 years, the world-class traditions of German engineering and craftsmanship are reflected in these tanks. Speidel offers the widest range of tank styles, most of which are listed below. Each one of these tank styles can be custom-configured to what you need.  We also try to keep in stock a curated selection of our most popular Speidel Tanks here. To view the complete collection of 2024 Speidel Product Catalogs, click here.

Key Features:

  • Interior Finish - Speidel tanks feature an ultra-smooth 2R interior surface which allows you to clean your tanks with cold water, without scrubbing. This saves significant labor costs. 
  • Weld Quality - Laser welds are amazingly clean and leave no chance to harbor spoilage organisms.
  • 25 Year Warranty - Backed by Speidel and MoreWine! Pro
  • Cooling Jackets - Hold up to 6 bar of pressure eliminating the need to reduce glycol system pressure at the tank. 
  • Reinforced Tri-Clamp Ferrules - For extra rigidity and strength.
  • Made to Order - With a huge range of Manways, Hatches, Ports, Leg Lenths, Fitting Configurations, etc. our tank consultants can help you design exactly the tank you are looking for.

Order any time of year - CURRENT BUILD TIMES ARE 4 MONTHS. Lead times vary depending on time of year and current order volume. Contact a Sales Manager for current build times to ensure you will receive your order before harvest. If you have any questions about ordering a custom tank click the button below and one of our MoreWine! Pro Account Managers will get back to you ASAP, Cheers!

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