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Balazs Wine Barrels

Balazs is a long-trusted brand of Hungarian oak barrels coopered by the famous Balazs Nagy. These barrels are equal or better in quality to French Oak barrels but available at a very competitve price. Known for respecting fruit, Balazs Hungarian Oak barrels offer winemakers a great option to impact the mouthfeel, structure and flavor of wine without stepping on the terroir of your grapes. Long before we became the North American distributor for Balazs, we used these barrels ourselves when we previously ran a commercial winery. They contribute a ton of complexity like a French barrel and have always been known for emphasizing fruit. It is actually difficult to over oak a red wine with a Balazs barrel. We try to stock all sizes year around, but if we are out of a particular size you can place a backorder that will be shipped as soon as they are received. For any out of stock barrels the eta of the next container is listed at the top of the product description.   

Foeders and larger barrels are available by special order and can be received on our next container order. To talk with our Balazs barrel specialist click the button below.

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