Aeration-Oxidation Test Kit for Free SO2

Item #: MT130
Shipping: Eligible for Free Shipping Program
Weight: 8LBS

Build Time: 2 to 3 Weeks

For the vast majority of winemakers, MoreWine's Free SO2 kit (MT130) represents the only truly accurate and repeatable method of determining free SO2 content in a wine sample available today. Our kit uses the same method utilized by professional wineries and labs all over the wine-making world. While you often find the device set up using a venturi to pull the gas through the system (where it is referred to as: "Vacuum-Aspiration"), this creates the need to have access to a water source in order to run the test. So, in the attempt to streamline things and make your kit usable right out of the box, we have chosen to use a pump to push the gas through the system. This way, in stead of hassling with attaching a venturi to the nearest faucet and running a line to the kit, you just plug in the pump and you are ready to go.

The kit ships complete with all of the lab equipment needed, a full set-of comprehensive, step-by-step instructions, and enough reagent to run 2 to 3 tests.

**Note: This kit ships with a small bottle of 25% phosphoric acid which is required for the test. At this strength phosphoric acid is considered a hazardous material and we are not certified to ship larger quantities. We recommend that you investigate the possibility of sourcing it locally, through a laboratory supply company. If this is not possible, you can purchase it through us; see part #s MT108DS & MT108BDS. The high cost of these bottles reflects the $20 surcharge which UPS adds to handle a hazardous shipment. These bottles ship directly from our supplier's warehouse and will take a couple of extra days to arrive.
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